About us

I was employed by AGA-Rayburn for nearly 20 years. I am factory trained and have worked in the South West as a field engineer being involved with all aspects of installation, servicing and research & development trials.

If you need advice about any aspect of your AGA or Rayburn please contact us.

Cooker Servicing

Recommended service intervals:

Oil vaporisation – 6 months
Gas – annually
30amp – annually
Dual control – 2 years
Total control – 2 years
Rayburn pressure jet – annually
13amp – 2 years


Need it fixed quick?
Call Paul on 07895 741 322

We also offer:

• Renovation
• Re-enamelling
• Door liners replaced
• Lid liners replaced

Dismantling & Relocation

We can dismantle and relocate your AGA or Rayburn to your new home or just simply moved in your kitchen or house.